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Why You NEED to Resale...

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Resale shops have been around forever, but weren't really "the place to be" until recently. When I was growing up, we would hit the nearest Mall and hit every store and spend hours looking at all the new trends and comparing prices and styles. I would end up spending all of my hard earned money on one or two outfits. I wanted so much more!! I would stand there narrowing it down, and then had to save for months for the next shopping trip.

Now that I'm smarter and wiser, I've realized that clothing resale is something I HAD to get in on. "Thrifting" is a term that has become cool for everyone, not just the less fortunate. The biggest secret I want to share though, is saving $$$ is only one of the amazing benefits of shopping secondhand. Here are the top 10 reasons why you NEED to shop Resale...

  1. Shopping Secondhand Stimulates the Economy

The resale and secondhand market is booming, and by 2023 is projected to reach $53 Billion. This "trend" is gaining traction and not fizzling out anytime soon.

2. Resale Promotes a Sustainable Existence

We all know we need to recycle, right? Shopping Secondhand promotes a Circular Economy, where we re-use instead of manufacturing new.

3. Shop ALL THE BRANDS Under One Roof

You no longer have to go to a million different retailers to shop all the brands and styles, they all come to the same place. Designer labels, mall brands, hard-to-find pieces, it's all there for you to discover!

4. You Save SO MUCH $$$

Resale shops are typically priced way below retail, saving at least 50-75% off MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price), and sometimes more... An added bonus? 1 out of 10 items found in a resale shop is New With Tags!

5. You'll Find Legit VINTAGE items and Products No Longer Made

Fashion is cyclical, and designers often try to mimic the looks of different decades. You know how mom jeans and the 90's are totally back in style right now? You can walk in to a thrift store and find it all at a fraction of the price!

6. You Can FIND EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE ITEMS To Keep-or Make Your Own $$$!

It NEVER ceases to amaze me what I find, and believe me, I've worked at Nordstrom and have seen it all! Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and David Yurman are just a few of the posh labels I have come across while looking for the next deal. Should I sell them? Probably the smart thing to do, but I also want to have them in my closet!


7. Try New Trends/Styles and If You Don't Like Them, You Haven't Broken the Bank...

We all want to stay stylish and on trend, but sometimes are afraid to pull the trigger at full price stores for fear of wearing it once and it going to the fashion graveyard in the back of the closet. YOU KNOW YOU'VE DONE THAT, DON'T LIE!! At resale shops you can because everything is SO inexpensive, so go ahead, shop it up!


We all want to be the "Cool Friend" that finds the most amazing, vintage, quirky _______ (fill in the blank) gift that will be the talk of the town. Resale shops are loaded with awesome finds just waiting for you to discover!

9. Resale Shops Are Great For Intergenerational Shopping Trips...

There's something for literally EVERYONE in your weekend girls shopping trip at a resale shop. That means you, your Mom, your daughter, and your sister will find some amazing brands for less and leave happy! I rarely see a group come in and no one can find anything. And, the thrill of the hunt makes it even better :):)


We love being able to provide affordable fashion for less for the community, but it's not just about clothes and shoes lol. We LOVE seeing your faces, talking to you, buying your items and watching you freak about that vintage Dooney & Bourke you've been stalking online for months! We wouldn't be here without all of you, so THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!

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