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What to Sell During the Transition from Summer to Fall

As many of our sellers know, our store buys clothes seasonally. With school starting soon and the weather starting to cool off, we’re starting to switch over to buying for fall. We know it can be a bit tough for sellers to decide what items to bring in as we’re switching seasons, so here is a guide for the best items to sell during the transition from summer to fall!

1. Sweaters

Fall means sweater weather! We’re always looking for good sweaters in all sorts of styles from all different brands, so it’s a great item for sellers to bring in.

2. Cardigans and Button-Down Shirts

As the weather starts to cool down, cute summer tanks can still be put to good use by layering them with a cardigan or button-down shirt. These are essential pieces for the change between seasons, which makes them perfect to sell.

3. Hoodies and Sweatshirts

If you’re anything like me, you love wearing hoodies and sweatshirts as often as possible, even if it’s not the right weather for it. However, the transition from summer to fall is the perfect time for hoodies and sweatshirts as it’s finally the appropriate weather to wear them. These items are very popular in the store so they are great to bring in as a seller!

4. Lightweight Jackets

Jackets are a must-have as fall approaches- a cute denim or leather jacket is perfect to add to your look and stay warm! However, while we encourage sellers to bring in lightweight jackets during this time, heavy coats should not be brought in until later in the fall.

5. Jeans

Jeans are a piece of clothing that we take year-round in our store, but they are essential for the transition for summer to fall. When it’s no longer warm enough outside to wear shorts every day, jeans are going to be the go-to item of clothing for almost every outfit, which means it’s important for sellers to bring in lots of nice jeans.

6. Boots

Boots are perfect to sell as we start to buy for fall weather. They can be dressed up with a cute dress or dressed down with a graphic tee and jeans. Since they can be styled many ways, they are great to bring in to sell!

7. Tennis Shoes

While boots are good to sell during this time of year, tennis shoes are good to sell year-round. Whether they are athletic shoes from Nike or Adidas or casual shoes from Converse or Vans, tennis shoes are a closet essential that were always looking for sellers to bring in.

8. Athletic Gear

Athletic gear is another item we take year-round. Whether it’s tanks or hoodies, shorts or leggings, athletic wear can be worn all year, which means it’s good to bring in to sell all year too!

9. Neutral Bags

Purses are always a great item to bring in to sell, but neutral-colored bags are especially great while we’re switching seasons. While purses that are bright, fun colors are good for summer and ones that are dark, warm colors are good for fall, purses that are neutral colors work for any outfit in any season!

10. Wallets

Every good purse needs a wallet to go with it! While we’re always getting good purses in, we don’t get nearly as many wallets. Wallets, as well as purse and wallet sets, are items that we love to see sellers bring in.

Remember when selling that we are looking for newer, trendy styles in good condition. You may bring in every item on this list, but if it’s too worn or out of style, we won’t be able to take it, so make sure to check out Liz’s blog post about tips on selling with us to make the most money!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to see you in store soon!


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