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Top Tips for Making $$$ Selling With Us, Straight from Us...

You know the drill, or so you think: Spend a week and a half staring at your 3 closets, take a ton of stuff out, put 75% of it back, get frustrated and watch an entire season of Tidying up With Marie Kondo, get re-motivated and get 3 trash bags of the last 25 years of your life together, and load it in your trunk to bring to Arnold's Walk-In Closet. On the drive you are mentally saying goodbye to everything you got rid of, and dreaming of all the great ways to spend the money you make, how exciting! You march in with your baskets and sign in, this is going to be a great day, only 30 min to being a resale queen--only to be told that we can only take 4 items and give you $15, crushing your dreams of making bank...


We've ALL been there, and with a few tips from us, you can refine your resale skills and stop attempting to sell items that we won't take now, or ever. Take it from US, WE KNOW!!!!

1. Ask Us What We're Currently Buying😁

We are a seasonal business, so we can't buy everything all the time. We buy for the weather right now, and fast forward ahead a few months to prepare. We post on our website and social media items we are looking for, AND items we are so stocked up on that we can't take. Our inventory and preferences change day-to-day based on what's selling, so it definitely pays to do your research!

2. Designer Brands Will Make More $$ Than Fast Fashion, But Both Sell

Your Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff purses, Lululemon active wear, and American Eagle jeans are going to get you a bigger payout than your Wild Fable and Forever 21 tops, but both are equally as in demand. Designer items are definitely hard to part with, but pay off in the end!

3. We Won't Take Items Too Worn or Falling Apart, or Stained...

I know it seems pretty self-explanatory, but DEFINITELY needs to be reiterated! Some sellers are under the impression that we take items in ANY condition, and will "clean them up" until they are sellable. We wish we had that kind of time! We know so much amazing stuff comes in, but if it's not in good enough condition that we can sell that day, or with a 2 min clean-up, we unfortunately have to pass. NON NEGOTIABLES: Very Faded, Pilled (furry🤣), Smells off-putting (smoky, body odor, musty etc.) Stains, Large Amounts of Pet Hair, Dirt or Mud, & Missing part of the item (dress with no belt, but has belt loops...)


When someone calls or stops in with bags of clothes and starts with "These have been in the back of my closet for 15 years" it usually is sent back out the door. Let's use Prom Dresses as an example. No offense, we know at one time those 80's style Prom dresses were a hit! But if you wore it to Prom, and you're 40, it's probably not what everyone is wearing today. The same applies to clothing, shoes and purses. If it's still in style, but you're done wearing it and want to make room, bring it in! If you wouldn't be caught dead in it, MOST of the time, neither will anyone else lol. Some items are better off donated to a good cause, or repurposed...

5. We ❤ New with Tags items, and can price them higher.

DON'T RIP THE TAGS OFF if you don't want it and can't return it, we can price these items higher and pay you more. Everyone loves "used" clothes that aren't really used!! But, just because it's got the tags attached doesn't make it an automatic shoo-in: if it's a style that doesn't move out the door, like khakis and polos, it still won't even in new condition. It'll still go to the $2 rack😭.

6. 3 Containers/Bags per visit PLEASE & THANK YOU!

While we love to scrutinize awesome fashion all day long, we are a small business and don't have the manpower to process your 8 large lawn & leaf trash bags all at once. That's ok, you can still bring it all in, just in a few visits instead of one. Our customers know we are always busy with buying, and we want to take as much as we can, we promise! Rejecting amazing items because we have too much to go through is literal torture. And, it's a win-win because we get to see you more often!!



We love freshly laundered, folded baskets and can just breeze right through and snag a large pile in no time. We hate hangers, we just have nowhere to hang them, it's not personal!! It's also off-putting when items are wet or damp🤢, or we open a big trash bag and dump it over and dirt, hair, etc. starts coming out along with super wrinkled items with yesterday's lunch still on them. Deodorant all down the front and arm pits is a definite no. Makeup around the neck? NO. Other than that, go ahead and bring your closet busting at the seams to us, we'd love to look at it!

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd, one last thing... Please bring a good attitude, and an open mind. We are NEVER trying to hurt your feelings or upset you, IT'S NOT PERSONAL, IT'S CLOTHES! Understand that we get your items done as fast as we possibly can, and take as much as we possibly can. If it won't sell, we won't buy it, and if it will, then we do. It's easy and fun, and you walk away with $$$. SO, to help get you motivated, I'll throw out what the next post topic is, HOW TO QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET. Watch for it, COMING SOON💚.

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