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Closet Clean-out Tips From A Shopaholic

Updated: Jul 17, 2022


Everyone knows the unfortunate situation of searching through your closet for something to wear just to end up feeling defeated, buried beneath a mountain of clothes, and likely late for whatever you had to do that day. We’ve all been there, but getting dressed shouldn’t be such an anxiety filled hassle. If you have been personally victimized by a messy, overflowing closet- don’t be discouraged. The first step to closet recovery is admitting you have a problem. The next step is cleaning out your unwanted items and bringing them to Arnold’s Walk-in Closet! So here are my top tips for cleaning out your closet and keeping it organized.

1. Plan a time to clean out your closet.

Looking at the Mt. Everest sized pile of clothes bursting out of your closet can be daunting to say the least, but you’ll be thankful you took the time to clean out your wardrobe once it is finished. Daily life and responsibilities can get in the way of taking the time to thoroughly clean your closet, so it helps to make a solid plan. Pick a time that works for you and mark it down in your calendar. Some people like to clean out their closet annually, every 6 months, every season, or for extreme shopaholics like me, every 2 weeks. Regardless of how often it is necessary, make sure you schedule in that time so your closet doesn’t get the chance to completely take over and overwhelm you.


2. Be honest about your lifestyle!

Getting ready in the morning is 10x easier if you have clothes that fit your lifestyle. Think of where you spend most of your time and what you would typically be comfortable wearing at that place. For example, if you aren’t someone who attends fancy formal events on a regular basis it’s probably unnecessary to hoard a variety of flashy dresses and heels in your closet, regardless of how gorgeous they are. If you spend most of your time at work or school, you need to have things in your closet that you can wear to those places every day. This doesn’t mean that you should throw out all of the fun things in your closet because they aren’t being used daily, fashion is about expression and experimenting with different pieces! Just remember to keep in mind which items have purpose in your wardrobe and which ones you probably wouldn’t miss too much if they were gone.


3. Consider what you are wearing when you feel your best.

Marie Kondo said it first- Keep an eye on what items bring you joy. Ask yourself which clothing items you notice reaching for the most, and which items still have the tags on 2 years later. We tend to look for comfort in items that we know fit well and make us feel confident. When you are trying on your clothes, set aside things that you don’t feel comfortable in and clear those out. Clothes should make you feel empowered, not insecure. If you don’t feel your best in it, you aren’t going to wear it! So whether you feel like your best self wearing heels and dresses or lounge sets and sneakers, it is important to have things that just feel right. Although it can be hard to let go of things we had high hopes for and spent money on, remember that having quality items that we can rely on is better than having a large quantity of only somewhat-useful pieces. Plus, clearing out items that don’t make you feel good leaves room for pieces that do!

Starting a cleaning project is always hard, but with these 3 simple tips (…and a large Starbucks coffee) you can feel the weight of your cluttered closet lift right off your shoulders! When you are done with your clothes, give them a new life by selling them to us! We buy clean, trendy, gently used clothing, purses, and shoes for cash or store credit at our store. If you decide to take the plunge and clear out your closet, be sure to let us know how it goes. Happy cleaning! 😄

Thanks for reading!

-Mikayla 💗🛍

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